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People garner a sense of purpose by giving back. Aside from self-fulfilling purposes, charitable work provides assistance to people who really need it. While many people may understand who they are giving their donations to, they don’t fully understand how the funds are dispersed after their donations are made. Strategic philanthropy allows philanthropists to develop long-lasting plans for their donation efforts. Strategic philanthropy is one of the most effective ways that people can donate to their favorite causes, oftentimes allowing philanthropists to leave behind legacies that last for many generations after they have passed away.

Identify A Cause

People have a number of reasons for why they donate, some are motivated by financial incentives while others really believe in a specific cause. For anybody, the first step to making a donation is identifying the cause and charities that support that cause. People can identify causes by figuring out their passions, identifying issues in the areas around them, or determining problems that the world is struggling to solve.

Gather Support

Work is completed more effectively as a group. People who would like to donate more effectively should try to gather support from their friends and families. Often times, people don’t donate because they don’t know how to start and need guidance from someone. A close friend or relative may be just what these people need in order to begin donating. In some cases, these friends and relatives may consider donating to additional causes as a result of their first donation. This will not only help the initial cause but will help a variety of other causes in the process.

Be Impactful

Goals require plans to complete effectively. After a person has identified the causes that they support and gathered the support of those closest to them, it will be time to develop a concise plan. The plan will detail specifics such as the organizations that will receive the donations, the donation amounts, and a possible donation schedule. This plan will provide guidance and clarity for where the money is going, who is providing the money, and how frequently the money is being distributed. The plan will also be very useful for tax purposes and building a legacy that lasts longer than a single lifetime.